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What makes Hometech’s Contour Series so aesthetically appealing is their classic Georgian architectural proportions. These beautiful ratios can be traced back to the brilliant aesthetic principles of the ancient Greeks who were masters of both beauty and design.

With sculpted proportioned lines, the Contour Series window offers the sophisticated elegance of finely crafted wood windows. These contoured surfaces play with the available light, finding attractive accents while eliminating the harsh reflected glare of flat surfaced windows.

We took our look one step further with advanced glazing technology, eliminating the need for exposed and unattractive black or white rubber glazing strips, common to virtually all other vinyl windows. The result is clean and attractive lines that will enhance the appearance of you home.

Now you can have both great street-side curb appeal and amazing elegant finished looks from the inside. A new and higher standard in style is finally here in a high performance vinyl window.


Hometech’s Contour Series has achieved an astounding rating for successfully resisting forced entry. We have achieved the highest possible rating that can be tested for any vinyl window, far exceeding even the highest Canadian standards and well beyond North American protocols. All Hometech windows were proven to resist forced entry attempts by experts with the common burglary tools Ontario police forces recommend, while withstanding forces up to 300 lbs! Security can sometimes and suddenly become very important. We take it seriously. Our windows are the most secure windows you can buy. So sleep more securely and enjoy the greater peace of mind that comes with Hometech’s superior security window. Unique in North America, Hometech’s “made in Canada” solutions, once again, simply set the highest standard. For more Information Please Download PDF.


With a terrible nationwide seal failure rate of 9% after only 15 years, Hometech wanted to ensure that your sealed glass units were the best in the world. It’s as simple as that. Your Hometech windows will feature sealed units made directly by Cardinal IG, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium LowE glass coatings. Over 70% of the North American market used Cardinal LowE, but Hometech is one of only a few companies where the complete sealed unit, including the glass , spacer, sealant and argon filling is done for you directly by Cardinal IG.

Avoid the problems affecting millions of homes. Cardinal IG will manufacture your sealed glass units using a radically enhanced dual sealed, warm edge technology for maximum performance and longevity. They feature an infrared applied polyester interface (unique to Hometech), continuous reinforced corners, without the weak spots of corner joints, argon filling in an argon chamber. Unlike most systems, no holes are drilled and manually plugged, a major source of seal failures.

The result? After 20 years, audited rates show a failure rate of only .002. Hometech’s Cardinal IG units have eliminated the weak spots that commonly lead to seal failures that can plague homes for years and can be very expensive to fix, one after another. Some homeowners have had every window in the house ruined by seal failures. Don’t take a chance. Get the Cardinal IG solution; units uniquely made for your new generation Hometech Contour Series windows. Each carries a discrete laser-etched Hometech identification and Cardinal IG keeps your exact data for life. There is nothing like them.


All of our windows feature an ASTM approved sealing system found only on the world’s finest windows. What does the mean to you? Appearance wise, there are no unattractive rubber strips between the glass and other parts of the window, such as the sash. Not only do these rubber strips look unattractive, they deteriorate over time in sunlight, a result of UV exposure, causing a loss of window performance. Our glazing system is the highest standard in glazing technology. You want your windows to last forever. So do we.


Hometech’s Contour Series are certified high performance Energy Star windows. Canada’s Energy Star zoning program finds all of the GTA and most of Ontario, including North Bay and Sudbury, in ‘Climate Zone “B”‘, not the colder zones “C” or “D”. We are also close enough to the US border’s hot zone “A” to feel the effects. Intense solar heat gain and destructive UV exposure can cause stifling heat and much discomfort in our homes and offices just as they do with our cars parked in the sun. Surprisingly, even in early spring and late fall, we find interior glass temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40C). Ironically, after a shut-in winter, our ‘solution’ to the heat discomfort is often to block the unwanted intense heat by closing the drapes and turning on expensive air conditioning. In the summer, we often live in the dark under artificial light. Hometech’s spectrally selective CARDINAL IG LowE windows can avoid these common high E.R. (Energy Rating) level problems.

Hometech windows can balance your winter heating comfort and cost savings while also greatly reducing the common problems of solar heat while letting in the beautiful daylight.


Hometech Window is a LEED certified manufacturer and a Canada Green Building Council member. We are a values-based company and the same way we care about our employees and customers, we care about our environmental impact. Canadians are the heaviest users of energy in the world on a per capita basis. Domestic use accounts for almost 1/5 of all energy use in Canada and up to 35% of this is heating and cooling. We are committed to combating this trend with ecologically responsible products that are not only recyclable but which will also significantly reduce energy use in your home.