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Hometech’s Contour Series are certified high performance ENERGY STAR windows. Canada’s ENERGY STAR zoning program finds all of the GTA and most of Ontario including North Bay and Sudbury in ‘Climate Zone “2”‘, not the colder zone “3”. Here, close to the US border’s hot zone “1”, intense solar heat gain and destructive UV exposure can cause stifling heat and much discomfort in our homes and offices just as they do with our cars parked in the sun. Surprisingly, even in early spring and late fall we find interior glass temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40C). Ironically, after a shut-in winter, our ‘solution’ to the heat discomfort is often to block the unwanted intense heat by closing the drapes and turning on expensive air conditioning. In the summer we often live in the dark under artificial light. Hometech’s spectrally selective CARDINAL IG LowE windows can avoid these common high E.R. (Energy Rating) level problems.

Hometech windows can balance your winter heating comfort and cost savings while also greatly reducing the common problems of solar heat while letting in the beautiful daylight.

For more information visit National Resources Canada