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Hometech Window Corporation, is the story of a modern Canadian manufacturing success story told against a national background of manufacturing job loss and foreign takeovers. It was simple friendship and mutual appreciation between Eros Gerardi and Ted Gawlik that formed the foundation for a bold and confident decision to design and manufacture a brand new type of window; a new generation of vinyl windows; right here in Canada.

They set out not to develop just any new window, but a complete line of new generation windows with grace, style, and revolutionary technology. And so they did just that in 2001, enlisting the sales and marketing experience of Paul Boire, a well known figure in the window and door industry. It wasn’t long at all before well established, quality window dealerships in neighbourhoods like yours, were making the switch to this radically re-thought new generation of vinyl window with its extraordinary and superior features. Ontario homeowners loved this gorgeous, stylish, high quality line of locally made windows.

From the initial small factory in Brampton it wasn’t long before our vinyl windows were gracing homes all over the province. The classic good looks of the Contour Series, missing in typical vinyl windows today, brought something truly different and superior to homeowners determined to add comfort, value and energy efficiency to their homes.

Our people and products have made us the clear market leader it is today. The benefits of our people first approach to customers, dealers and everyone we meet along the way has seen our expansion to an operation requiring a facility a full city block long in Concord, Ontario.